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Md ALAMGIR March 7, 2014

Everyone knows that feeling when someone asks to use your phone to call someone, but you’re scared that they’ll go through your stuff. Currently there’s no way to let others use only the dialer for a phone call, they are able to go through everything on your phone. There are too many personal things such as messages, pictures, contacts and emails that no one else needs to see. Obstructor solves this issue by letting you hide your personal things when you let other people use your phone; for instance, if you let someone use your phone to call someone in an emergency.

Perfect for:
• Coaches of young players that let their team players use their phones to call home
• Parents that let their kids call their friends with their phones
• Guy with a girlfriend that snoops through their phone or vice versa
• Emergencies where someone needs to call their loved ones

• Simple, easy to use dialer that can make calls to anywhere.
• When the user ends the call, it goes to a password entry that utilizes the password chosen by the owner that unlocks the app. The default password is “1234”. Sometimes it takes two tries to successfully unlock.
• Password can be anything.
• Small data footprint of about 1 MB.
• When not in use, the phone operates as usual.

How to Use:
• When the user ends his/her phone call, a password dialog will open. Enter your password. If correct, a message will appear saying “Thank you for using Obstructer.” And will go back to the dialer. If the password entered is not correct, a message will appear saying “Incorrect Password”.

• It is recommended that you change your password before the first use. The default password is “1234”.
• Due to Android security credentials, if you need to use Obstructer multiple times at once you need to press the home button and reopen the app to make sure it’s locked.






Size – 1.3M
Requires Android – 3.0 and up

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